One of life’s biggest regrets can be taking on debt. Debt, such as a bank loan or a quick loan, can be taken for a variety of wrong reasons, such as buying a car, buying home furniture, dining out, and other vanities.

If we consider past debts and their targets, are they no longer in use? If you are thinking of new items for which you need a loan, do you really need to think about it for a long time yet? Very often, debt is used to cover the current financial situation so that we can live a certain style and the benefits of buying money will disappear in a few years.

Can we live a good life without debt?


This is because happiness is often believed to depend on products and amenities that are simply a must-have, and this is not possible without a loan in most cases. Of course, this idea is fundamentally wrong, but it is easy to get the feeling that if there is no comfort, it means living in poverty. However, this is not the case, but one can live a good life without debt, only a little patience and more self-discipline are needed. Here are two very general examples of the purposes for which a loan is often taken:

Perhaps the biggest reason for a quick loan and instant payment in your account loans is to make small purchases. In this case, it is worth considering whether the item to be purchased will actually be in use and whether it will be remembered for example in a week, month, or year. If a product, service or object is quickly forgotten, money is, in principle, thrown away, especially if there is nothing left for a moment’s joy other than a vague memory. These may also include experiences that initially seemed memorable.

For example, a very fun cruise or meeting up with friends at a bar can quickly become a habit that is repeated to get the same mood until it is no longer special, but just a new hole in the money. The best way to keep your expenses under control is to take a monthly check of your bank account and credit card accounts and check out what has become unnecessary. These are usually not even remembered in a few days, so it’s a good idea to go through them once a month and remember them.

Another common reason

To take out a loan is to buy a home and this is a more generally accepted reason for getting a debt. It is true that borrowing avoids paying rent and loan repayments always bring homeownership one step closer to owning, that is, in a way, the money comes in its own bag.

But on the other hand, the loan always contains expenses and interest, so money is wasted in this case as well. Before buying a house, you should think about why you want it? If it is only for the sake of being able to take out a loan and ‘get it right’, the downside must also be taken into consideration.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life in this house, or at least the time it takes to pay off your loan? Of course, the house can be sold before, but this is in itself a more difficult process and are the markets where the money will surely come back with a loan? What if this is a house with a longer time, can the loan be repaid with certainty? Will the work situation be stable long enough? Are you ready to commit to a loan that, at the same time, removes certain freedoms because a good job has to be underneath?

Although much longer and more self-disciplined

Save money concept with Coin stack growing on smartphone abstract sunset background

It is possible to rent an affordable and small apartment, keep costs down and gradually save on an apartment that you can buy for your own money. In this way, the cost of living, such as electricity consumption, is kept to a minimum with a small living space.

So basically, without a loan or a quick loan, you can live well, but this requires a bit of discipline and new thinking. And of course, you can take a loan at almost any time, so why not try a lifestyle without a loan?